How to balance your passion for winning as a Manager

Several years ago, my eldest daughter took me to the Grand Prix! We had seats right in front of the Start/Finish line and the thrill was incredible; so was the noise. My ears rang for days!
But I would not have missed this for anything. The drivers showed their talent for being totally fearless, totally in control of the vehicle and their reflexes as well as their enormous ambition. Talk about being driven by a passion to win! It must be an unreal experience. If we allowed ourselves the indulgence of pure winning ambition, where would that take us as leaders?

Reflect on these points in order to balance ambition with inclusion:

  • What is your passion?
  • How can you harness that passion into giving you the energy to be successful in your daily work?
  • Would it drive you to be a better leader or not?
  • Would it brighten your vision or cloud it with selfishness?
  • Would your passion move you toward including others or not?

All the passion for speed and success would not have won Michael Schumacher the race if his team were not part of that dream. Every member of the Ferrari pit crew had to share the passion and work as one. And they did. Changing four tires and servicing the car’s needs took only 24 seconds in their best pit stop. Would your team do that for you?

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