What’s In Your Pocket?

It is the end of Q1 already! Did this week seem to be the week of deadlines and getting things done at the last minute? Scrambling to squeeze in last minute things can make us feel pressured and unprepared.

Many years ago, my youngest daughter told me about a short story she read called “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pockets.” It is about a man who kept putting off doing things with his wife because of a project at work he wanted to complete. When a crucial paper for the project blew out the window, he found himself on a ledge many floors up wondering what was really important. He questioned that, if he fell to his death right then, how would his life be perceived by others if the only thing in his pocket was a meaningless project data sheet? Would his wife feel loved and valued? Or would she feel set aside for things that were not really as important to him as she was?

If you were in that situation right now, what would be found in your pocket?

Sometimes we have to look at the disappointments we create by making promises and not keeping them.

What is the standard of behavior you want others to remember you by?

If balance and prioritizing what is really important to you is something you struggle with, let’s find the best way to improve matters for you.


Email me at lyn@lyncikara.com!

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