Watch the Top

On March 20, 2016 Fortune Magazine had an article on the “Second-Mover Advantage”, discussing how hot No. 2 companies outperform their No. 1 role models on the stock exchange. They were compared to speed skating where the No. 2 skater takes advantage of his position to benefit in the end.

Today I had a discussion with my financial adviser about a company whose CEO successfully took over from the owner by a hostile buy-out. The company has suffered severe losses of top talent like the CFO, Plant Manager, and other top performers as a result.

Do you think these managers left a company they had been loyal to under the previous owner because of the change? Indeed they did, not just because of the change, but because of who and how the change took place!

They had “watched the top” and didn’t like what they saw, so they left.

What about your “Top”? As you observe the executives in your organization, are you learning from them? Are they being ideal role models? What can you learn from them?

Remember that you are the “one-over” for someone else and they are watching you.

What are your team members learning from your decision-making/strategic planning?

Do they understand your motives and reasoning?

Can they trust you?

What leadership behaviors of your superiors do you want to emulate and what would you do differently?

Do all leaders maintain good relationships at all levels of operations?

Do leaders in your company understand each individuals’ motivators and how they can benefit production?

What could you do better?

Take some time to observe and learn, then make your move to improve!

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