When your people shine, you shine!

Here is a quote by Tom Neff of SpencerStuart in Fortune Magazine from February 6, 2006, which I believe to be of great value.

“I have always believed that to be an effective leader is to reflect the talents of the team members by allowing them to succeed.”

Supporting and trusting in the talents of others is a very important part of one’s role as a Leader. Have you thought of yourself as a Leader in this regard? 

Here is a scorecard to see how you do in this area:

1) I do not need to review all reports that leave my department. Yes/No

2) I trust that training in my department is complete with no loose ends. Yes/No

3) My people know that I expect their suggestions for abatement when they present problems to me. Yes/No

4) My people have the freedom to make decisions within established parameters. Yes/No

5) I do not find it necessary to take issues out of the hands of my staff. Yes/No

6) Staff members are encouraged to be creative and are acknowledged for their contributions. Yes/No

7) Morale in our department is high. Yes/No

8) We have a regular forum for sharing new ideas and for innovation. Yes/No

9) I personally acknowledge the efforts of each team member on a regular basis. Yes/No

10) I know the styles, talents and skills of all my team members. Yes/No


If you haven’t scored 10/10 you have some work to do.

Email me at lyn@lyncikara.com and we can look at areas you can improve without too much disruption.

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