Current Trends and Building for Success

With the latest freezing road conditions and flooding in many parts of the country, the ebb and flow of good and not-so-good predictions about autonomous cars and AI, it is easy in this industry to feel overwhelmed early in the year..
I’m sending you this so you take a moment to reflect on what you want for yourself this year.

What promises that you made to yourself for 2019 have you already broken? Are you spending more time with family?
Are you still on the diet?
How about the exercise routine?

I hope you see the importance of honoring the commitments you made to yourself.

As successful leaders, you are willing to commit to everyone else around you: bosses, associates, customers and usually keep those commitments to the detriment of commitments to yourself.

As humans, it is easier to lie and to neglect ourselves than to say no to someone else. This is the most costly mistake for top leaders to make.

The anti-dote:
• Ask yourself: If you are no longer around to carry the weight at work, have you taught others to share the load?
• If you keep missing family events, what regrets will you have later?
• If you hate your current situation what small steps can you take to give you back some energy?
• If you don’t feel appreciated, when last have you shown yourself some love and appreciation?

These are some of the toughest conversations I have with my clients. They are also some of the most rewarding ones when I see a CEO smile and boast about their son’s goal they were present to see.
You can reach and maintain the life you dream about, even when running an enormous organization. All you need are effective tools and some support to get you back to where you want to be on your leadership journey.

If work is swallowing you up this early in the year we should talk about how you can be more effective in empowering your teams, saying “no” and starting a “To Don’t “ list.

Email me at so you can lead and live the way you want to.

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