The Top 5 Problems Leaders Face at the End of the Year

The Christmas parties have begun and endless trays of sweets and treats arrive to ensure the festive spirit remains alive. Desks, doorways and bulletin boards are decorated with garlands and cards and no one really feels like working. You still have deadlines to make and quotas to produce, but the focus seems less on production and more on socialization.

The real problems that face you are:

  1.  Not enough time to get everything done and reach your annual goals
  2. Insufficient trust that your teams will deliver on expectations
  3. Disengagement because of the holidays
  4. Low motivation and energy for putting in the final effort
  5. Deflection of accountability

It is easy to feel that you shouldn’t be burdening your teams with more expectations, so you take on the load yourself.

Your teams should understand the push for year-end excellence, yet you might have to make the difference on your own.

Everything seems to be on hold for later and you face long hours to bridge the gap for making the year a success.

This is a time to get everyone on the same page with clear expectations for the year-end and the New Year. Building enthusiasm now will carry through to next year and will lay the foundation for a good running start. Create a sense of responsibility and accountability for hitting targets now is a leg up in the first quarter.

Start coaching now for your leaders will set your company on the path of its vision for 2019 with confidence and preparedness.

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