The Disease to Please

4 way efficiency

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where no one could make a final decision? There was an insurance ad on TV last year about two drivers arriving at a four way stop at the same time. The video shows the start-stop behaviors of the cars going and braking as the drivers wave each other ahead politely. The commentary is: You go, No You go, No you go.

I live in Portland where the drivers are either super polite, undecided or passive aggressive. Either way, I see this play out more often than is necessary. The behavior is inefficient and unproductive.

Who do you think your boss would prefer to have on the leadership team: someone who is able to see opportunities and make decisions or someone who prefers to make everyone happy no matter what? Work is about making progress towards goals and outcomes.

If you like to defer to your superiors or colleagues, when in meetings, doing a presentation or taking the lead in a discussion, it may backfire and make you seem indecisive and annoying. I’m sure you have no intention of coming across that way. Start paying attention to this habit and find ways to take the lead with confidence. You will appear to be decisive and efficient, both are leadership qualities your bosses are looking for.

Learn to overcome this habit of trying to please everyone by messaging me and let me give you some tips on how to overcome this obstacle to your growth as a leader.


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