How to Ensure Your Visibility at Work

Women often tell me that their work is not acknowledged and that frustrates them.

Do something to ensure that you are seen and given credit for the work you do.

First: take responsibility for it!

You are responsible for your work, but getting ahead means you need to be visible at work. When you are seen and your contributions acknowledged, you will be considered for new opportunities.

When you choose not to take responsibility for your visibility, you risk illness, resentment, feeling undervalued, used and ignored. Women in leadership often experience these feelings because they did not take adequate responsibility for showcasing their hard work and accomplishments.

Women have internalized that being “pushy” is a negative behavior.

When others do not recognize the efforts and contribution they make towards a successful outcome, women often feel frustration. Many times they are guilty of deferring the spotlight, expecting that this behavior is reciprocal.

It isn’t.

You are responsible for making others aware of your contribution. When you are responsible for the work, claim it, highlight it, showcase it. Acknowledge your partner’s contribution AND add what your contribution was as well.

If you feel that your boss doesn’t see your worth, are you highlighting what you have done specifically? Without it your endeavors will go unnoticed.

I can partner with you to explore ways to build trust and opportunity with wholesome visibility.

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