Difference Between You and Your New Leaders

True collaboration needed

I have been interviewing new and established leaders about developing leadership qualities in new leaders. Here are some of the things I learned from these discussions:

Established Leaders Young, New Leaders
Young leaders are entitled Feel are expected to know everything
Would like to see a desire to ask for help Are reluctant to look stupid by asking for help, don’t know how/what to ask
See young managers get overwhelmed Take responsibility seriously, so will do the work themselves for accuracy
Want to see better face-to-face communication Resort to electronic media because it is familiar, have not been given clear directives to do otherwise
Are concerned about customer service Like to have support when dealing with major customers
See avoidance for making definitive decisions or take risks Are risk averse due to not wanting to fail or let anyone down
Observe what seems to be a lack of ambition Don’t see the link between the work they are given and opportunities to gain real experience
Don’t think young managers listen Feel spoken to, not included in discussions so that they can learn their way
Have a perception that new leaders don’t take direction Like to know why things are done in order to feel like they are contributing
Find it hard to keep young managers engaged after failure Take failure personally, will try to avoid it at all costs
Want them to build trust and confidence Need leaders to set clear expectations so that they can succeed
Observe poor professional, public presentation Are confused by a relaxed, casual environment and conflicting expectations for behavior
See communication and presentation skills diminish in the presence of senior leadership Lack self confidence and experience with formal business expectations, want tools to gain these
Desire more for their young leaders Want more from themselves


This experience has been teaching me a lot. I would love to share these insights with you.

Email me at lyn@lyncikara.com for a free consultation if you have experienced similar challenges and want to help your young managers succeed.



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