Leadership Summer Check-in

Do you also feel that getting together with friends who you have not seen for some time is refreshing and energizing? I have been inviting friends over for small gatherings to do just that. It has been fun to catch up, to hear what everyone is doing and what they have been up to since the last time we were together. Everyone has left happy and enthusiastic, making promises to see each other again soon.

At work it is a good thing to do check-ins with staff as a boost to morale and enthusiasm as well. In addition, it is a way that successful leaders get better. Right now, during the sluggish weather and business climate of summer, is a good time to do this.

Here are a few check-in suggestions that may take courage to ask, which will make you a better leader and may refresh the relationships you have with your staff:

  • Ask people individually how you are doing as their boss – are you making a contribution to their learning and development?
  • Ask someone for suggestions on how you can improve something at work
  • Ask what you could be doing more of and what to do less of to be a better leader
  • Listen in silence, think about what they tell you and come up with one new thing you can do consistently for 30 days that would address their feedback
  • Be sure to say “thank you” every time someone offers you feedback – it takes courage to make suggestions to a leader
  • Make a commitment to change one thing and be consistent with your efforts to do so for at least 30 days
  • Check in again in 30 days and get feedback about your efforts and what others have observed
  • Repeat for another 30 days

It is often easier for leaders to check up on staff and give them feedback on how they are doing rather than the other way around. This exercise turns that around, making the leader the topic of the feedback. It is unexpected and refreshing and can get rid of the ennui that sometimes settles in mid-year.

Try this exercise for 30-60 days and let me know about your experience.



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