Resentment Towards Millennials in Your Workplace?

I received a lot of feedback as a result of last week’s Manager’s Minute topic on respect.

There seem to be double standards out there in corporations about leadership’s intentions and expectations regarding developing talent.

On one hand there is an increase in trainings on how to lead Millennials, which is good. On the other hand, if you hang out at the end of the training you may hear an epic grumbling session about how difficult this new generation of workers is to lead.

Here are some facts that are inescapable: The youth of today will take over leading the world whether you like it or not.

According to several studies, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce in 10 years.

Are you and your business going to adapt or die?

Here are my questions to consider when putting this in perspective:

  • Aren’t those grumbling about Millennials the parents of the current young generation of workers?
  • Hasn’t the pretense that “we know better” been revealed as a cover for complacency and resistance to innovation and new inventions?
  • Isn’t there consensus that we all hate bureaucracy, rigid, senseless policies and red tape?
  • Wouldn’t everyone enjoy flexible hours?
  • Isn’t the focus on health, wellness and balance a desire of yours?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer going to work every day looking forward to it being fun rather than hating it every day?

Resentment is the result of not making a difference when we can, of not setting boundaries when we should and accepting the status quo silently when our inner voice disagrees.

First manage yourself and be honest about your similarities then manage to do good by embracing all your colleagues and the changes they can help you make to improve the workplace for everyone.

My goal is to make a difference for everyone!

If you are as passionate about making a real difference against bias in the workplace, send me an email to tell me your story and what you wish for your workplace on this topic.


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