Manager’s Minute Resumes at Last!

You will have noticed a silence from the Manager’s Minute for several months, I apologize. I will not subject you to a long story, here we are and I’m ready to get started again.

I could not leave you without offering you something to think about:


I have made some big changes in my life, one of which is moving to a new, smaller home here in Portland, OR. I don’t recommend that you do that, but, if you find yourself in a position where stress is building and you feel stuck without a solution, get up and move.

Move away from your computer and stretch your arms above your head for 20 seconds then behind your back for 20 seconds, really pinching your shoulders down and back. Focus on “unfolding” from the position you were in for the past hour, for example: if you were sitting, put your hands on your lower back and stretch into a gentle backbend for 20 seconds. If standing, do a forward bend for 20 seconds. Move your eyes to look away into the distance for 20 seconds. Move the air in your lungs by breathing into your belly (diaphragmatic breathing) for 20 seconds. If you can, go walking for 10 minutes. Do NOT use your breaks to look at social media on another other electronic device. Your brain needs a break from this type of stimulation for greatest efficiency.

The pundits suggest you set alarms or reminders in your phone to make sure you get up at least every hour. Do your “twenties” and you will return to work refreshed.

Let me know if receiving these quick tips regularly will be useful to you.


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