Do Your Managers Know How to Keep Your Employees from Leaving?

I just read a New York Times article about companies adapting to labor shortages in creative ways.

In the article Lawrence H. Summers, the Harvard economist and former Treasury secretary was quoted as saying: “When the unemployment rate is lower, employers will adapt to people rather than asking people to adapt to them.”

This statement is true whether you are looking to fill positions or you are making sure you retain your current staff.

Have you thought about how you and your team of leaders have to adapt within your company to make sure your employees are fulfilled in their current positions and won’t leave?

If you have not already consciously set a talent retention strategy up, you should be rushing to do so.

Start by looking at why your employees work, what they are really looking for in terms of making a difference and their aspirations for their careers.

Good questions to ask your leaders are:

  • What is the replacement cost of one employee on your team?
  • What value do you place on each of your individual team members?
  • Have you discussed how your department’s vision for this year aligns with the company’s overall mission?
  • Working is a choice, why does each of your team members come to work?
  • Why here?
  • Do your team members feel that they are being challenged enough?
  • Do you have a team member who might be in the wrong position?
  • Do you know what growth means to each team member?
  • How can we support you to keep your team intact and happy?

My mission is to bring peace to the world of work.
Currently peace in construction, manufacturing, IT and transportation, is the knowledge that you have a stable and sustainable workforce that you can rely on being there for the next few years. Let me help by helping your leaders understand their crucial roles in this.

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