Stupid Rules Create a Hostile Workplace

Not all company rules and policies make sense to employees and can be frustrating or ignored.

Can you tell which rules in your company your associates may class as being stupid?

When the rules and policies nurture the needs of employees, there is a sense of alignment and, therefore a sense of belonging.

Stupid or unnecessary demands create a rift between the company and its workforce.

As a manager, are you aware of the rules that may be alienating your associates?

Here are some examples:

  • Poor flow of information because of a “need-to-know” policy
  • Keeping major company goals from employees
  • Rules that are not understood by everyone
  • Rules that are applied unequally
  • Rules that support those in authority
  • Rules that exclude compromise and discussion
  • Rules that obstruct meaningful work daily

Sometimes an attitude of mistrust reveals how employees perceive their freedom within the structure of the rules given to them.

Take an inventory of the red tape existing in your department.

Make adjustments to promote good work and creative contributions.

Everyone works better and is more engaged when the environment they work in nurtures their needs rather than upholding senseless rules.

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