Your Point of View may be a Barrier to Success

How many times do you tell yourself that you do or don’t do certain things?
Leaders sometimes make statements like: I don’t do small talk, or I can get things done better, faster than anyone here, so I do it.
I have seen this point of view hold managers back from making progress in their careers and with their people.

What are the most common statements you make about what you like or don’t like?
I hear statements like: I don’t like networking, or I like texting and email more than face-to-face communication.

When you cling to your beliefs based on your points of view, your belief system rules your behavior.
In the most extreme cases, I have seen a strong point of view lead to disaster for a leader’s career.
I have seen a strong point of view create distance between a manager and associates and customers.

What strong points of view do you have about the social aspects of your role?
Could these change?

Contact me and we can explore how your points of view could change.

 We cling to our own
Point of view
As though everything depended on it.
Yet our opinions have no permanence;
Like autumn and winter,
They gradually pass away.

-Chuang Tzu

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