Behavior is What Makes or Breaks a Company

I am often asked the question: what makes a good leader?

It is their behavior.

A leader’s behavior is what determines whether they continue to be seen as a leader or not. Companies cannot take the risk of having poor leaders, especially when we expect that employee retention is becoming the next big strain on all industries.

The leader’s behavior directly influences whether employees continue to be part of the company or not.

The expectations of leaders in an organization and the vision of the future of the organization are closely linked.

Leadership behaviors have to be true to the cultural values of the company in order for leadership to be seen as having integrity. If not, employees become dissatisfied.

Leaders not only have to develop their employees, they have to behave in a manner that motivates and inspires employees.

Leaders have to develop their own self-awareness, must grow continually, find ways to motivate their employees to develop skills and help employees find meaning in the work that they do.

Here are some questions to help you explore your leaders’ behavior in relation to the values of the company:

Do your managers meet all your expectations for upholding the company values?

Do your managers’ behaviors meet the expectations of your employees?

What does the behavior of your employees reflect about your leadership team’s behavior?

Do managers’ actions consistently motivate others?

What behaviors do not reflect your company values, and how do you close that gap?

Don’t let behavior be your company’s downfall, contact me right away!

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