Quiz to Test Leadership Mindset

Take this quick quiz and see if your managers and supervisors have a leadership mindset.

Answer each question with a Yes or No

  1. My managers greet and talk to each of their associates directly every day
  2. My managers know about their people’s aspirations and dreams
  3. They discuss career development with each team member regularly
  4. My managers support creativity and innovation
  5. My managers create a safe learning environment
  6. Mistakes are tolerated as learning experiences
  7. My managers understand their role as developers of others
  8. My managers have time to do their own work
  9. They take responsibility for morale and building it
  10. My managers model transformational leadership

If you answered Yes to fewer than 8 you may need to search for answers about the leadership model that exists in your company.

The mindset of front line leaders all the way up to the top has to fully embrace the role of true leadership in order for the company to successfully deliver to customers. This comes from a mindset of being a leader. Without it, employees will constantly be compared to the expertise of the manager and erode any desire to excel for the customer.

Let me help you get the focus of managers back to becoming true leaders with leadership behaviors that contribute to employee retention.

Do not allow the corrosive influences continue a day longer, contact me now!


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