Do Your Employees Know That They are Valued?

I hope that you have already started celebrating summer. There is nothing like sunshine, watermelon and smiles to make me happy.

Do you know what makes each of your team members happy and how they like to enjoy summer? Do you know what you have in common about celebrating holidays and vacation time?

Simple things like asking your staff what they did this past weekend, what they plan for the next weekend or for their vacation tells them that you are interested in them as people, not just performers. It lets them know that you care. A sense of being caring in a work environment is closely related to being valued.

“Small talk” matters. I dislike the fact that building relationships based on common interest is called “small talk.” There is a very strong emotional connection to not wanting to engage with others if it is seen as “small talk.”

I help CEOs and VPs communicate how they value their team members by teaching them how to start meaningful conversations.

Contact me to learn this skill effortlessly.

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