Sharp Right Turn

In April I attended the Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consulting Convention where he spoke about taking a sharp right turn for your career, business or life. I am poised to make my sharp right turn.

I will always support leadership excellence, justice and compassion in the workplace. My sharp right turn will be to re-invent my career as a leadership consultant and to focus on employee retention.

I aim to support business leaders to make the shift from a focus on themselves to their employees in order to accomplish a workplace that succeeds in employee retention.

Will it be disruptive? Yes!

Will it need courage? Yes!

Have I found the formula yet? No, but stay tuned, it will emerge.

In the meantime, my question to you is: what sharp right turn do you need to make for to create a workplace that supports employee retention?

Want to discuss your thoughts and create some strategies?

Contact me.

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