Rate Your Managers on Collaboration

Do you think that your company has a truly collaborative culture, or do silos and isolation rule?

Here is a quick assessment to rate your managers on their collaboration.

Rate each attribute on a scale of 1-5, one being lowest, 5 being highest.

Your managers:

  • Share the broad context of the work being done in the organization
  • Help others to learn how to succeed in project completion
  • Include others in finding solutions to problems
  • Communicate frequently and fully
  • Offer real opportunities to share ideas and concerns
  • Listen well
  • Show appreciation for each individual employee as a person
  • Give recognition for effort and diligence
  • Shares valuable resources and uses connections to benefit everyone
  • Manages risks

The possible total is 50. Anything below 30 indicates that your leaders are not collaborative and need additional help. Contact me before they corrode your ability to retain staff.

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