Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Sixty-five percent of meetings never result in any decisions being made, according to Diana Jones in Leadership Material . Meetings are most likely to beabout sharing information and getting group opinion and overall are a big waste of time.

According to Mankins Stop Wasting Valuable Time in HBR, only 12 percent of corporate executives believed that their meetings consistently produced significant decisions that had an impact on the business.

The following guideline Fail-Safe Leadership by Linda L. Martin and Dr. David G. Mutchler indicates the maximal number of hours that should be spent in meetings by:

  • Sr. Level Management:    80-100% of work time
  • Associate or Assistant V.P’s: 70-90%
  • Directors:                   60-80%
  • Managers:                    40-60%
  • Supervisors:                 20-40%
  • Line Workers:                0-30%

If you spend more than this time in meetings, don’t just grumble about it, contact me and let’s discuss ways to have productive meetings and not frustrate your staff.

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