Is Your Title Getting in Your Way?

I’m reading a book by Diana Jones: Leadership Material, which discusses the personal impact that leaders have on influencing others and retaining talent.

Jones contrasts Professional Identity – what titles bestow on leaders, with Progressive Behaviors of leaders – behaviors that promote retention and improve workplace climate.

When leaders rely too much on their professional identity for establishing the leadership approach, there is not enough substance or leadership credibility.

Professional Identity will influence how others perceive you and their willingness to work with and be influenced by you. This directly impacts their work and, therefore, overall productivity and retention. An example of professional identity getting in the way of productivity and retention is the mindset that the best way to get things done is to do them yourself. Ego gets in the way of inclusion and ultimately causes employee turnover.

Progressive Behaviors, which will build relationships and trust, are the qualities and capabilities that go beyond the title. These capabilities increase inclusion, generate enduring solutions and energize teams. These leadership behaviors are embedded in a belief that leaders have to develop others to get things done. Ego shows up less and sharing knowledge results in everyone knowing what the right goals are to work on.

If you are a new manager and have not considered leadership qualities beyond your professional identity, sign up now for a free session with me will help you develop these capabilities early in your leadership career.

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