Are You Treating Your Employees as Responsible Adults?

The January-February Harvard Business Review had an article about trust in the workplace called The Neuroscience of Trust.

The researchers found that trust is cultivated by setting a clear direction, providing the resources to facilitate success and then treating people as responsible adults to complete their job.

The truth of achieving a high level of trust among employees is that there is a good ROI for the company. The article cites impressive percentages for energy, productivity and engagement. Their findings also show lower rates of burnout, fewer sick days and significantly lower stress.

Giving people the discretion on how they perform their jobs is one of the eight leadership behaviors that raise the level of trust for employees. Most employees value autonomy greater than a pay rise. Being trusted to work on a problem independently gives an individual a deep sense of trust and develops a sense of loyalty.

How would you rate your ability to set a clear direction for your employees?

How would you rate your ability to allow problem solving and innovation to occur without your oversight?

If your rating is not high, you might need some help in letting go safely.

Contact me for a free session to create an effective strategy for you to let go the reins and build mutual trust.

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