Are You Seen as a Mean Boss?

Bullying continues to be experienced in the workplace. In spite of corporate training programs to stamp out discrimination and abusive behavior, the problem continues to exist.

There is a difference between being directive, having high standards of production and being experienced as rude and verbally insulting.

Most leaders deny that they are bullies. They use the euphemisms to describe their behavior that paint their abusive rhetoric into much milder versions of the truth.

Character is a quality that can be observed and rated by employees. They are doing that with every encounter with you.

Here are some signs that you may be seen as a mean boss:

  • You sense a low level of truth or enthusiasm to respond to your questions
  • Your employees are quick to lay blame for mistakes or failure
  • You observe crisis behavior amongst your staff frequently
  • You think that adversaries work better than teams
  • You have clear favorites among your associates
  • You take sides
  • No one speaks up at meetings, so you fell you have to do all the talking
  • You don’t like changing the way things are done
  • You find yourself taking credit for progress made on projects
  • You feel that in order to get things done well you have to take over

If you have the desire to be a better boss, contact me before you develop a bad reputation.

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