Twelve Things that Increase Influence

We all know that the status of leadership is earned not ascribed through a title. In his very earliest works, John Maxwell identified the truth about this. In spite of his being the head of the organization in his early career, he discovered that there were others, who were not in leadership roles, who had far greater influence on the outcomes than he did. This insight helped him embark on his impressive career as leadership guru.

Managers are given the title so that they can influence others to follow the path they have outlined. Following doesn’t happen automatically.

Some managers never really establish a following. This is because they do not understand how to develop their influence.

Twelve pointers to increase influence:

  1. Influence exists separate from roles or titles such as manager or Vice President.
  2. Influence develops over time and is established by the behaviors of the influencer.
  3. Influence will only happen when the individual is trusted
  4. Emotional stability and predictable behavior results in trust
  5. Trust is developed when the individual consistently displays integrity
  6. Integrity and living according to high standards and values displays character
  7. Character has the greatest influence over profits and productivity
  8. Influence is about achieving goals through support for each other
  9. Support is displayed when empathy and compassion are real
  10. Real compassion comes from having a positive attitude
  11. Eliciting a positive attitude comes from asking questions to focus on the positive
  12. Attitude trumps skill when influencing others.

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