Together is Better

Simon Sinek is a genius. His latest book, Together is Better is an illustrated story about three friends that is mostly hand written and is beautifully illustrated by Ethan Aldridge.

The message is more than about living life; it is about leadership.

I think it applies to what I have been talking about regarding leading the young generation of workers and about teaching them to lead.

Some lessons from Sinek’s book are:

Leading is not about expertise; it is about sharing the learning experience.

Leading is not about power; it is about sharing responsibility

Leading is not about having a set path; it is about finding ways to collaborate to make the world better.

If you want to be successful in leading young people read this book.

If you want to gain insights into your own leadership read this book.

If you sincerely want to grow, you heard me, read this book.

Then let us start a conversation about how you can apply what you learn in your leadership milieu. Click here for direct access to me.

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