Learn to Be and Effective Coach This Year

All the best for 2017, may it be a breakthrough year for all!

This year, my leadership focus is going to be on helping managers learn to be effective coaches.

We hear more and more about managers being expected to coach their team members. When I ask them what coaching tools they use or how they learned to coach, the answers are avoidant. Well, you are a manager and leader, I’m a leadership and executive coach so I’m here to help you learn how to coach effectively as a leader.

I think the first distinction to make is what coaching is not.

Coaching is not a reprimand

Coaching is not giving advice

Coaching is not steering someone towards your agenda

Coaching is not without purpose

Coaching is not passive aggressive

Coaching is not self-serving

Coaching is not to clone you

Coaching is not to mine for information

I’m sure I could come up with more, but you get the picture.

Generally, coaching in business can fall into one of three categories:

  1. Coaching for indoctrination – used to instill company values and mission, processes and business practices
  2. Coaching for insight building and growth – used to develop a leadership mindset and growth as the next generation and level of leaders in the organization
  3. Coaching for situational understanding and change – used to broaden behavioral and communication repertoire for leaders and help them make progress in these vital leadership areas

Whenever you find yourself in a situation requiring you to guide or grow a team member, look at these three categories to see which is most appropriate to achieve the outcome you are looking for and adjust your style accordingly.

I will be looking at each area in greater depth as the year progresses, switching around, so I cover each area equally.

Please send me questions and topics you would like me to cover so that I provide you with the greatest value in these blogs. Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn and lets start a conversation.

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