The Number One Reason Good People Quit, Across All Industries

Have you looked at the reasons why you have or wanted to quit a job in the past? I’m sure that you will have said that your boss did not show appreciation for you, your effort and contribution you diligently tried to make.

Lack of appreciation is the number one reason people quit their jobs across all industries.

Filling positions in companies is getting harder and companies cannot afford to lose existing workers. What are you personally doing to contribute to staff retention as a leader?

Here are some things to help you retain your staff:

  • Write down one thing that you really appreciate about each of your staff members; it makes us feel good about who we have on our teams
  • Write down what you want others to appreciate about the way you lead; it helps us behave according to our values
  • Show your appreciation to everyone you encounter every day; you never know how you may change a life through one small act of appreciation
  • Make it personal and specific, not generalizations; knowing the qualities you admire and appreciate makes others try harder to maintain or improve those attributes

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