Influence is not always a conscious thing, yet it is always there and is powerful enough to change lives.

This week, twenty-six years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. There were two great influences that saved my life. One was a book by Bernie Siegel: Love, Medicine and Miracles, which taught me the powerful influence our minds have over physical outcomes and the second was an engineer who taught me about the curative effects of diet to fight disease.

When I posted on Facebook about my anniversary, I received comments from people about how I had influenced and inspired them to overcome their cancer.

Leaders are constantly in a position to influence others.

Their influence can be passive, merely by the position they hold.

Influence can be more consciously applied to influence others for the good of the world around us.

The character of the leader is the strongest influencing force for good or bad.

I encourage you to think about your influence.

Think about who is it that you influence and how you influence.

Think about the impact you have on the world around you.

Choose to use your influence for good.

The world around you is watching.

If you want to transform the world by your influence as a leader, you might be interested in a leadership series I created on Transformational Leadership. Contact me to get started.

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