What Has Happened to Zero Tolerance for Bad Behavior?

Bad Behavior example with man yelling on the phoneAlan Mulally, former CEO of Ford has a strong opinion about bad behavior. It does not belong in business.

He had the opportunity of observing leadership behavior for many decades and still believes that the behavior of leaders is the key to having a stable and productive company that does good work in the world.

There is no room for bad behavior in the boardroom, on the production floor or in our communities.

The leader of the organization is the one who needs to set the tone for zero tolerance and has to ensure that the standard is maintained.

Unfortunately we still see so much bad behavior by leaders in public and private. If we do not like it, it is up to each of us to stop this epidemic!

Respect for each other is what creates a culture of tolerance, reduces the effects of bias and limits discrimination. Studies show that when people from different backgrounds see each other as different, prejudice is great. Put these people together to find commonality and allies emerge.

Leaders in all organizations have the power to get total commitment from people at all levels to respect each other. Their commitment and behavior can create a climate of appreciation and assistance that runs deep in the company.

Simple ways that inclusion and respect can increase is by focusing on changing I to we and me to us, according to Mulally.

Let’s all give it our best effort.

I help leaders be bold against bad behavior. Contact me now if you still have work to do in your company to eliminate bad behavior.


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