Need to Prepare for Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Mid-year employee performance reviews are due. Your company has set forms and questions to address. You and your employee go through the excruciating experience with high anxiety about choosing the right words – first on paper, then in person. At the back of your mind is the poor employee satisfaction rating your department received last year.

Can you make a difference to this scenario?

Yes you can! – By connecting frequently for honest discussion with your team members individually.

Many of you have heard me beat the drum about frequent one-on-one meetings with your direct reports.
Because I still don’t see much of that happening in companies, I thought I would remind you of the discomfort of a poor employee satisfaction survey result.

Performance and employee satisfaction are easily improved by frequent open and supportive discussions that are led by hopeful managers.

These are meetings set up only to discuss each employee’s personal, career and development goals.
These 1:1 meetings succeed when:

  • They are scheduled frequently, like once a month
  • Are not about business
  • Are about self-improvement and career
  • Are an opportunity for leaders to facilitate growth and offer support
  • Are an opportunity for leaders to be resourceful

Think about when you sit down with your mentor to review your own goals for growth and development. You discuss your dreams and challenges from your heart – not by following a set company form. You most often leave that mentoring session with renewed energy and optimism.

What if you did that for your direct reports? And they did that with theirs?

Would your employees have more hope about their future in the company?

I think so. Contact me to learn how.

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