Do You Know What the Opposite of Micromanagement Is?

This past week I have had some interesting discussions about managers who are trying hard not to micromanage. Micromanagement is the ugly word in management. It is to be avoided is the strong message.

Boardroom as seen from above

But what do we replace it with?


A recent TV ad showing two customers in a big warehouse-like store with their words “can anyone help us?” echoing in the vastness captures the essence of what managers feel like when their bosses are trying not to micromanage.

Abandonment looks like this:

  • Managers are not given any direction
  • Their suggestions are met with no resistance
  • There is an avoidance of confrontation
  • Company policies are not enforced

Abandoned managers will:

  • Take advice from anyone who offers it
  • Make decisions not always based on company values
  • Shrug off responsibility

Is that the type of manager you want leading your teams?

The antidote for these two extremes – micromanagement and abandonment is involvement.

  • Get to know what your managers’ driving forces are
  • Know what they feel their challenges are
  • Understand how they think through problems
  • Ask good questions that uncover solutions that come from them

If you need more help getting that balance between micromanagement and abandonment, lets talk soon!

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