Can You Recognize Hopeful Employees?

Last week I gave you an example of a low hope employee. One who is compliant for the wrong reasons – usually not for the company’s sake.

The challenge is to recognize and develop hopeful employees.

First we need to be able to recognize them.


Characteristics of hopeful employees are:

  • Independent thinkers
  • Attribute their success to hard work
  • Need high level of autonomy, not structure and micromanagement
  • Strong need for growth
  • Achievement oriented
  • Motivated by responsibility and feedback
  • Creative and resourceful

This means that they will often challenge leadership. It also means that they will make mistakes.

Are you ready to have your employees question your policies and decisions?

Are you able to let them take responsibility and fail without stifling their enthusiasm for trying again?

Having hopeful employees doesn’t mean that they always succeed in their endeavors. Their hopefulness comes from a belief that they will get it right. They know failure results in knowledge of what not to try in the future.

Hopeful employees value leaders who allow them to try new things and support them when things go wrong.

Are you ready to lead hopeful team members? If you need more than just a newsletter, send me an email.


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