Are You a Hopeful Leader?

I think that it is timely that I have been reading Psychological Capital and Beyond.

They have a chapter on being a Hopeful Leader or Manager.

The authors suggest that managers who can grow hope in their organizations have the competitive edge. Their competitors will not be able to replicate a hopeful culture without considerable effort and time.

Here are some of their insights:

  • Hopeful leaders are not abusive in any way. The trickle-down effect of bullying in the workplace has devastating effects on productivity, morale and on the community at large.
  • They have positive goals that excite participation.
  • Hopeful leaders have high energy.
  • They plan well and set goals that challenge individuals and align employees with the values of the organization.
  • Hopeful leaders stimulate employees to set personal goals and high standards within the context of the organization’s mission
  • They help team members stretch, then support and coach them to develop beyond their comfort zones.
  • Hopeful leaders respect employees as individuals and reward their creative thinking.

Can you be a hopeful leader?

Download report that can show you how.

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