Be Prepared for the Craziness of Summer

There is a myth about summer being the idyllic season. In many businesses summer is the crazy season. On top of seasonal business spikes, come staffing shortages because of people taking summer vacation time. The distractions of wanting to get out and enjoy what they can of the long days, lower efficiency and engagement of staff left behind. These factors can add to the chaos and stresses of the managers trying to get work done.

Managers under these stresses can:

  • Resort to putting in longer hours themselves
  • Resent that they have to work harder
  • Become edgy in their interactions and expectations
  • Display passive aggressive behavior

Managers can choose to:

  • Increase personal time by setting boundaries
  • Put greater value on personal time and plan for it
  • Schedule personal time daily
  • Practice behaviors that boost energy and resilience

Leaders never approach business without a plan. Good leaders know that their sanity and survival needs planning as well.

Plan for the stressful times in your business by planning your own stress-relief practices.

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