Emotional Culture – Joy is Success

The January-February 2016 issue of Harvard Business Review features and article by Sigal Barsade and Olivia A. O’Neill Manage Your Emotional Culture I highly recommend. In it they discuss ways to assess and address the emotional culture of your organization.

Years ago, two of my daughters went to the State Finals for marching band competition. Their band was State Champion the previous year and they came second the year both my daughters were in the same competition. We all thought that the shared experience and performance was far superior to the championship performance. This is because the band members, and our family had more fun. The music was more fun, their show was more joyful and that energy translated into euphoria greater than they would have had just winning a technical championship.

There was not a morsel of disappointment amongst the students. They knew they had had the best show of their season and loved it. They were enormously successful, don’t you think?

So, of course the analogy is about leading a business team.

How do you classify success?

Is your goal all about winning or doing what you shine at?

  • How can you let every person shine?
  • Are you all having fun while accomplishing your goals?
  • Where will the smiles come from today?
  • Does it make you smile when your team comes together as a team?
  • Do you need to get out of their way in order for them to pull together?
  • Can you allow someone else to take center-stage without resentment?
  • Whose accomplishment do you want to highlight this week?
  • Can you see the value of the process as well as the outcome?
  • Share your pride in your team members efforts

Tony Robbins says: emotions are not predators…they are Action Signals trying to guide you to the promise of a greater quality of life

Let joy be your guide to greater success at work. If you need more ideas of how to create lasting joy at work, contact me.


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