Kick Doubt and “yes but” Out of Here

Last week I talked about our inner critics and fears of being “found out” as an imposter. I hope you have started using the daily affirmations of three things you are capable of bringing to the world today.

It isn’t easy, and how many of you have had doubts that have made you stop the practice? Self-doubt and the inner critic cohabitate in our heads. The critic says “who says can accomplish that?” and self-doubt drowns out our voices when we stand up to the critic. As a result, we are immobilized and don’t change.

This is not an effective leadership stance. We can change that right now!

Think of a leadership challenge you have and your desire to change it.

Listen to the voice of self-doubt for a minute.

Write down the next three statements and start taking the lead:

This must change!

I must change it!

I can change it!

These are challenges that Tony Robbins, world-class motivator and agent of change, poses in his book: Re-Awaken the Giant Within.

If you hear a lot of noise in your head when attempting this exercise, starting with “yes but…” trying to prove otherwise, you need an ally.

I help leaders take on their leadership stance and address any challenge without wavering. Get hold of me before doubt takes control of you!


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