Too Rushed to Focus?

I go through phases when the Christmas and holiday music in stores, bus stations and hotel foyers drives me batty and phases when I find myself singing along. There are times when I’m totally irritated by shopping crowds and times when they don’t bother me. The same goes for traffic or any other instance where I find myself having the choice to focus on the irritation or to focus on the task at hand. When I am in the too-busy-to-be-bothered-by-all-of-this mode, I usually get progressively more bothered. When I stay relaxed and truly present in what I am doing, I seem to enjoy the sounds, smells, and things around me no matter what they are.

There are experts who talk about being fully present, being mindful and listening with full intention to all the sounds around us. No matter what their area of expertise is, the fundamental message is to focus.

Take a moment to breathe away the irritation, focus on the present moment. Focus on what things and people really look like; what sounds are layered over one another to create their own textures and rhythms; what your intentions are in this present moment.

This is such an easy exercise to do every time you find yourself getting caught up in the apparent immediacy of the crisis, the irritation of the interruption or the ennui of inactivity. It doesn’t have to be a big New Year’s resolution, just a simple practice of enjoying every moment of life.

Exceptional leaders focus.

If this is a challenge for you, I can help. I improve leadership performance no matter how scattered and distracted you might feel.

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