You are Paid to Think

The ThinkerDoes the cliché I’m so busy I can’t think apply to you? As a manager you are paid to think, so are you doing what you are paid for?

Becoming so involved with processes, taking on what others could be doing and running out of time are some of the consistent challenges I hear about from managers at all levels. Once they stop rushing, both internally and externally, make time to quieten down and to think, they become better leaders.

Thinking is not something I hear managers request of their team members much either. The word do is more frequently used. When managers get their team members to think about why they do certain steps of a process or what the value of a report is, that is when errors and re-work reduce and productivity of the whole team increases.

This week my challenge for you is to focus on thinking. Can you be still for 15 minutes of your day to think? Can you request that your team members start to think about every step of the work they do more consciously?

I improve leadership performance by getting leaders to think, question and to teach others how to think more consciously of their work. This improves quality and efficiency and increases revenue. Contact me if these are your desired outcomes.

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