Soak Up Your Happy

I am the catalyst that improves your leadership performance quickly. During my time working with leaders we discuss being able to live and lead within their own value systems. Their choice of company usually reflects that they are aligned with the values of the company as well.

Yet, I often find that leaders are stressed and unable to see that their choices for dealing with leadership issues is draining their energy. Instead of being happy and relaxed in their zone, they are fighting all kinds of frustrations and inefficiencies. Typically they find themselves acting in ways that they do not like.

Stopping the madness requires you to stop and ask yourself some questions about how you are responding or reacting to situations:

  • Are you jumping to conclusions that you have to resolve every problem?
  • Is the crisis being brought to you really a crisis?
  • Can the person who identified the problem suggest and carry out a solution?

I have a client who has managed to stay positive, restore calm and project joy in his workplace in spite of tremendous pressure of the business. He was once told that others come to spend time with him “to soak up your happy.”

Can people say that about you? If you find yourself under extreme pressure that is taking away your joy, let’s talk.


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