You Don’t Have to Be a Jackass

I improve leadership performance, helping leaders make the shift from trying to manage people to motivating them.

When I inquire of my clients what kind of leader they see themselves as, I do not hear any puff up their chests and say “I want to be a jackass!” Many clients do, however say: “I don’t want to be a jackass!”

Think about what a jackass manager looks like to you. How do they walk, say things, get things done? Ugly, right?

That is definitely not you. Maybe sometimes, when pushed to a limit.

In general, however, most people do not set out to lead that way. They prefer people to do their jobs without the need for this behavior. But that doesn’t work sometimes.

People use excuses for why they can’t or haven’t done a particular aspect of their job or try to deflect responsibility for following procedure. It may feel like you have to bring down the hammer. My questions to you are:

  • Who is or isn’t taking responsibility for the job?
  • Have you explored the person’s vision for themselves in their role?
  • What resources have they identified that they need?
  • Have they examined where they can get the tools they need to complete the task?
  • Can you give them permission to take responsibility for the whole job without jumping in yourself to reach perfection?

Being a leader who coaches in the true sense of the word, by asking questions that lead to learning and adding value, is a better option to being a jackass.

I teach leaders to lead well by example and by actions that are not overbearing.

Contact me today if you have been tricked into becoming a jackass!

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